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...born in the 1970s under the zodiac sign Cancer, grew up in the canton of Aargau, likes to be often in the Upper Valais, loves dogs, likes to climb, roller blade, swim and hike, is interested in cynology, web design and amateur radio, a trained railway operations booker, today a police officer and a dog handler.


Name:   Cama (vom Sternentor)
Date of birth:   February 24 2014
Gender:   female
Breed and variety:   German Shepherd Dog x Beauceron
Colour:   black and yellow
Height and weight:   60 cms / 32 kgs
Result:   still unknown
Pedigree number:   none
Working-dog:   Link
Breeder:   Maya Kränzlin and Lee Imdorf, 4657 Dulliken SO
Mother:   Kamasutra vom Geist der Wölfe
Father:   Cupidon des fidèles Complices
Formation:   2014 - 2017: Police K9 for Search and Protection
Certifications:   16.09.2016: Versatility Test 1, 270 points, "very good", AKZ

Cama was born in the night of February 23 on February 24 2014 and weighed 580 grams then. On May 4th she moved to my home. She was bound to become my new police-K9 and it was planned to train her for Search and Protect like once Vox was.

Since she was not pure-bred (which became known only after the takeover), her admission to the K9 unit was refused then. After passing the versatility test with the "very good" rating in 2016, we were able to pass an entrance test at the end of February 2017, which Cama unfortunately did not pass because of some weaknesses in the field of protection service.

This ended Cama's police K9 training and now she's simply my private "dog by my side".

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