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...born in the 1970s under the zodiac sign Cancer, grew up in the canton of Aargau, likes to be often in the Upper Valais, loves dogs, likes to climb, roller blade, swim and hike, is interested in cynology, web design and amateur radio, a trained railway operations booker, today a police officer and a dog handler.


Name:   Chayenne
Date of birth:   June 1, 2012
Gender:   female
Breed and variety:   German Shepherd Dog, short-haired
Colour:   black
Height and weight:   60 cm / 23 kgs
Result:   unknown
Pedigree number:   none
Working-dog:   no profile
Breeder:   unknown
Mother:   unknown
Father:   unknown
Formation:   Mantrailing
Certifications:   none yet

Chayenne from Owl's Nest, called "Enny" is my former life partners current female dog and is designed for search and rescue dog. However, the exact training direction (Mantrailing and / or debris search, etc.) is not fixed yet. As a puppy, Enny was imported illegally into Switzerland and spent her childhood years with an owner, which was absolutely overwhelmed by her temperament. That's why she came to the shelter of the Bernese Animal Welfare, where, in October 2013, at the age of one and a half years, we adopted her. Her incomparable gentle and good-natured kind is characteristic for this sensitive dog, which is still very spirited and willing to work.



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