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...born in the 1970s under the zodiac sign Cancer, grew up in the canton of Aargau, likes to be often in the Upper Valais, loves dogs, likes to climb, roller blade, swim and hike, is interested in cynology, web design and amateur radio, a trained railway operations booker, today a police officer and a dog handler.


Name:   Rhana von Ila
Date of birth:   November 7, 2005
Gender:   female
Breed and variety:   German Shepherd Dog, short-haired
Colour:   black
Height and weight:   34 kgs
Result:   HD C/C, ED 0/1
Pedigree number:   SHSB 637187
Working-dog:   Link
Breeder:   Ivano Laghetto, 5024 Küttigen AG
Mother:   Raja von der schwarzen Nister
Father:   Manto von Ila
  • Search and Protection dog (SMF)
  • Search and Rescue dog (REDOG)
  • Social dog
  • Mantrailing
  • 11.11.2006: Essence Test
  • 20.10.2007: Owners Brevet
  • 15.11.2008: Companion Dog 1, 287 Points, "excellent", AKZ
  • 22.02.2009: Versatility Test 1, 264 Points, "good", AKZ
  • 14.11.2009: Companion Dog 2, 253 Points, "very good", AKZ
  • 30.04.2011: Disaster Relief, REDOG SO, 244 Points, "good", AKZ
  • 18.06.2011: Disaster Relief, REDOG BS, 190 Points, "m"
  • 16.10.2011: Companion Dog 2, 249 Points, "good", AKZ
  • 22.10. 2011: Disaster Relief, REDOG IS, 275 Points, "very good", AKZ
  • 29.10.2011: Companion Dog 2, 277 Points, "very good", AKZ
  • 19.11.2011: Disaster Relief, REDOG VS, 214 Points, "satisfactory"

Rhana was the female dog of my former girlfriend, who was working her in the fields of protection, search and rescue, attending and therapy. Her versatility and her open, loving nature was absolutely typical for this great dog. Unfortunately, since the end of 2012 she suffered at a nondescript illness, which was probably due to an autoimmune disorder, and died in the early morning of 21 April 2013 at home in my arms. :'- ((

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